Susana Reberdito

Sun, light, beach, sea, trees, fruits, flowers – the paintings of Susana Reberdito born in San Sebastian 1962, educated in Madrid and New York, and who lives since 1995 in Walldorf is an art of the South, powerful, lively, radiant, and warming.

The expressive dynamic of her gestural style and the glow of the colors of these paintings evoke the rhythm and melody of Susana Reberdito’s mother tongue, the dramatic intensity of the Iberic music and the harsh clarity of the Spanish landscape. These painting, rooted in the traditions of the Mediterranean classics, interprets their canonical motives, their categorical spectrum, and their formal vocabulary, but does so in a new, individual, and authentic manner. In doing so, it is remarkable the restraint of the means and motives resulting in an astonishing concentration as well in a fascinating diversity, which crystallize in serial variations of the same or similar subjects, always as systematic investigations of the pictorial possibilities.