Carolina Toyos

Born in Cantabria – Spain, Carolina Toyos decides to live for art at the moment she settles in Brussels in the year 2000. During her teens she already took some courses of drawing and painting, it was in Spain. Later on, after high school she practised as a lawyer but in 1993 she had to leave Spain, living successively in Caribbean Islands and Africa. When she settled down here and probably due to the Flemish grey light that inspired so many artists, she went back to painting.

Her personal line resumes in a feminine world. Women are the dominating presence in her canvas. She shows them at rest, their attitude just offers a lot of love and sweetness. On a dark background, bod- ies are flourishing in light and delicate colours close to mother-of-pearl. In their world of tenderness, sometimes a sign of animal nature appears, for example when a monkey comes to play with the ladies. Some symbolic objects, such as a feather, are suggesting more sexual intentions not shown up in the pictures.

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