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Exhibition “Rétrospective Hommage”

Figurative Painter, who has captured the sensuality of femininity in his paintings since 1976, against the abstract artistic mainstream of that time. Honorary Retrospective Exhibition of Ramón Lombarte at Brigit Art Gallery, Opens on May 2, 2024 18:00.

It is celebrated to honor the life and work of the painter after his recent death. His daughters are keeping his artistic legacy active. Different works from various stages of original, graphic and digital artwork will be exhibited.

In Lombarte’s work you can see his fascination with women, which has been and is the main theme of his works. In Lombarte’s sensual composition paintings, the observer glimpses at an erotic view of his private life, framed by a special talent for southern interiors. The warm (and sometimes somewhat dramatic) colors of his paintings intensify the subtle eroticism, but also the melancholy and sensitivity that his representations of women give off project.