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Chantal Maskens

Nothing will ever stop me from painting.

Art is a general act that allows the artist to have fun while making others happy, to flourish while sharing a world, ideas without the need for words. It’s a universal language. Inspiration comes from everywhere, everything around us, every subject can be used. Everyone can live the artist’s response in his own way.

To create is my food, my breathing, which keeps me standing and especially keeps my eyes open

Painter and cartoonist of characters, nudes and portraits. Represents with a strange sensuality almost mythical characters, because unreal in the real, out of time although perfectly current. Love the great figures of women with extravagant outfits, voluminous hats and huge and smoky waters.

Raised at the Watermael-Boisfort Academy (Roger Somville).

Created the stage set for the Young Brussels Office in 1977.

Winner of the Louis Schmidts Prize in 1980.

Prize of monumental painting of Watermael-Boisfort in 1982.

Poster and decorative elements for La Didascalie company in 2012.

Exhibitions at the FPS in 2014 (Women’s perspectives).