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Cuco Morales

José Antonio “Cuco” Morales Velit was born in Lima, Peru in 1956. He trained professionally in arts at the Equipe School and in Art and Communications at the University of Sao Paulo – Brazil. Then he returns to Peru, where he studied drawing in the workshop of Cristina Galvez.

Later he entered the School of Fine Arts of Lima. He begins to bond and become part of the artistic group Parenthesis.

This was fundamentally an experimental group of conceptualist cut, taken to the terms of aesthetic research and communication, also constituted by Juan Javier Salazar, Charo Noriega, Coco Bedoya and Lucy Angulo.

After a few years, Cuco presents diverse samples and with time he develops his own pictorial language through art. Since his first individual exhibition in the eighties, he stands out in the face of criticism, and has remained in force as an artist, rebelling in his painting a mystical and reflective personality, also related to an oriental style with a certain influence in Buddhist philosophy.

His speech can vary from his playful characters, to the mysterious depth of his forests and nature.

Cuco creates a personal and constant dialogue between him and his art.