Ramón Lombarte

Ramón Lombarte 1

Ramon Lombarte has recorded the final days of this theatre, has painted the people -performers and public -who lived for the theatre. In the last years there were only a few who still sat in the darkness to watch the scantily dressed dancers.

Paintings of the artist “Ramon Lombarte

Paintings of the artist "Ramon Lombarte 2

Paintings of the artist "Ramon Lombarte Exhibition of the artist Ramon Lombarte in Brigit Art Gallery in Sablon, Brussels. Starting this 1st February till 1st March. Event Type: Event Event Status: EventScheduled Venue Name: Brigit Art Gallery Venue URL: https://www.brigitartgallery.be Performer: Person Performer Name: Ramon Lombarte Start Date: 2020-02-01 15:00 End Date: 2020-03-01 19:00

Exhibition “Allégorie”

Exhibition "Allégorie" 7

BRIGIT Art Gallery has the please to invite you to the Collective Exhibition “Allégorie”. Starting this October 3rd till October 27th.

Exhibition “The Soul of the Tree”

Exhibition "The Soul of the Tree" 8

The Peruvian painter Cuco Morales exhibits for the first time in Brussels. His solo exhibition “The soul of the tree / L’âme de l’arbre” can be visited during the month of June at the Brigit Art Gallery on Rue Rollebeek 36 (Sablon).

Collective Exhibition “The Spring”

Collective Exhibition "The Spring" 9

About seven months after his previous exhibition in Brussels, Bulgarian artist Valentin Kovatchev returns here at the invitation of BRIGIT gallery. His exceptional show called “The Spring” will be opened on 2 May and will continue through 26 May. The vernissage with the presence of the artist will be on 5 May at noon. The […]

Collective Exhibition of the New Year

Collective Exhibition of the New Year 11

BRIGIT art gallery has the please to invite you to the New Year’s Collective Exhibition. Starting this December 6th till 16th and back on January 5th till 27th 2019.