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Iruña Cormenzana

Born in Pamplona (Spain) in 1967, Iruña is a genuine painter.

Nature in her paintings takes the form of a body, flower, vegetable garden and kitchen. Her literary texts provoke a flow of impacts that lead us to the sensation of the unfinished, without a beginning nor an ending. From an apparently conventional syntax, she transcends reality and sets a narrative in which the dematerialisation of the figures reminds us of the essence of painting. She turns to daily happenings and makes them sensitive, holding them as sacred to be later denied.

She creates an infinite and atmospheric space that is lost in the darkness, where our dreams and desires meet. 

Iruña’s line is vigorous and disturbing. Far from the calm and serene beauty of current decorative proposals, her colour is bold and committed. 

Her painting is Picturesque, as Wölfflin would say. The baroque feeling of life. A feeling that manifests itself in her mural painting projects. Large format paintings, both outdoors and indoors, her staging transgresses the space itself and turns it into a meeting place. Her Installations have a theatricality that unsettles, involves and engages the spectators to the point of seducing and intoxicating them with her visual proposals. 

In this author everything is intertwined, her life, work, teaching, smile and her gaze. Everything is authentic, direct and fertile. A real painter.