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Juan Galán

“The light,” Juan Galan’s sign of identity, floods his every work as brush strokes bring endless impressions and feelings, transporting us to the freshness of the Spanish courtyards, freshly eut flowers and moving water.

Juan Galan’s uniqueness is characterised by his loose yet determined brush strokes, with no more limits than the interpretation of the element it represents. He carefully places final touches on top, some ensuring with a transparency that challenges the pigment, and others opaque, giving strength to the painting, shaping volumes, and transporting us to a certain place and moment. Painter of moments and daily life, of corners that go unnoticed by any, Juan integrate them with beauty.

Juan is “light” and moves us to a place we would like to be, if you are awake you can dream, because that is what Juan does, because if an artist does not dream … he stops being an artist.