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Philippe Brodzki

Philippe Brodzki is formed in sculpture, ceramics and drawing at Brussel, Krakow and Düsseldorf – where he was hosted in the 70’s by Marcel Broodthaers, and where he had a formation at the academy with another great one: Joseph Beuys.

At the first look, Brodzki’s sculptures seem to discover themselves in the expression of an anachronistic beauty; in reality, they are more provocative than backward-looking. Detached from codes and actual esthetic trends, they lay the creator act as a freedom act. Finely sculpted, polished and patinated with a master hand, adorned with some strange headgears that made maliciously the artist’s comment deflect, this realistic persons but unrealistic do anything but evoke in the deepest zones of our imaginary unlikely mythological figures back in the time surface. The artist puts his work beyond the technique because it is not about a fair representation but an association of plastic questioning elements.

The work is an esthetic gap in its representation of a classic beauty, whose Brodzki highlights the unreal and decoded importance at the same time. The molding practice inciting to multiple draws, different assemblages makes them unique works – the similar chests vary according to the ornaments, colors and the enamel texture, and each personalized piece finds its own identity and inspires the following one.