Halil Faik

Halil Faik 1

The silhouettes are clean, graceful, often slender and elegant lightness, but it also happens that the shapes and contours reach fullness irresistibly inviting to touch and caress.

Carolina Toyos

Carolina Toyos 2

Her personal line resumes in a feminine world. Women are the dominating presence in her canvas. She shows them at rest, their attitude just offers a lot of love and sweetness.

Angel Barrero

Angel Barrero 3

Angel Barrero specialized in various techniques regarding the art of “Scagliola”. Ha has been working with renowned artists in France, Spain, Italy and finally in Belgium.

Chantal Maskens

Chantal Maskens 4

Painter and cartoonist of characters, nudes and portraits. Represents with a strange sensuality almost mythical characters, because unreal in the real, out of time although perfectly current. Love the great figures of women with extravagant outfits, voluminous hats and huge and smoky waters.