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Collective Exhibition “The Spring”

About seven months after his previous exhibition in Brussels, Bulgarian artist Valentin Kovatchev returns here at the invitation of BRIGIT gallery. His exceptional show called “The Spring” will be opened on 2 May and will continue through 26 May. The vernissage with the presence of the artist will be on 5 May at noon. The gallery is situated near the emblematic Grand Sablon square in the downtown, at 36 Rue Rollebeek.

Valentin will present to art admirers in the Belgian capital his new collection in oil as well as drawings, sculptures and portraits, reveals days before the opening Rosario Escobar, Kovatchev’s wife who is the ‘muse’, but also organiser of her husband’s participations in exhibitions and art fairs.

In his new series entitled ‘The Sibyls’ the artist connects the cosmos and the human being, represented by intriguing and beautiful female faces covered in a cosmic planetary net and illuminated by the light of the universe.

The exhibition will also feature a great selection of works that have been part of the traveling exhibition “Mistica”. It is a project organised by the Bulgarian Embassy in Spain and closed its touring cycle a week ago at the Cercle Munster in Luxembourg, after having been exhibited at the Athenaeum of Madrid, Municipal Heritage Museum of Malaga and Cajasol Foundation Seville. This ‘parcours’ has lasted almost two years. It had a great international dimension, receiving extraordinary praises by the critics and thousands of visitors came to see it.

The current selection includes also works such as ‘The Pianist’, ‘Cosmic Meninas’, ‘Majestic Horse XVI’, the bronzes of the series ‘Music Collector’, and ‘The Spring’, among others.

Why the name of the exhibition is “The Spring”? This is the season that is associated with the emergence of the new beginning, Kovatchev, the artist who is leaving almost 27 years in Malaga, explained pointing out that this is the time when the nature awakens for a new life and everything around blooms. This is a period of new ideas, hopes and inspirations. The feeling of happiness, good energy and freshness is in the air. This is very close to the met­a­phys­ics, which I am attracted to, he added.

Talking about the metaphysical spaces, Kovatchev noted that it is the realm of fan­ta­sy, of dream­ing and day­dream­ing, to a cer­tain extent of the world beyond. Such spa­ces attract me, he said emphasising that some of his works are look­ing very much like fair­yt­a­les.

Each of the works con­tains a sto­ry. Take, for exam­ple, El Cam­i­no de San­ti­ago. For cen­tu­ries now, pil­grims from around the world are flock­ing in the cathe­dral of the Span­ish city of San­ti­ago de Com­postela. The route is hun­dreds of kil­o­me­tres long, cross­ing moun­tains and tak­ing almost a month to reach the cathe­dral.

There is a lot of anat­o­my in those walk­ing legs; the pil­grim­age is bur­dened by his­to­ry. Once upon a time, 300 to 500 years ago, pil­grims from Cologne and Rotterdam would walk six long months, lean­ing on walk­ing sticks or crooks, some of them dying en route of ill­ness­es or being mugged. I walk­ed 160 km up the road to feel their enthu­si­asm, Kovatchev recalled.

Maria Koleva

Source: https://europost.eu/en/a/view/kovatchev-shows-the-spring-in-brussels-25253