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Exhibition “The Soul of the Tree”

The Peruvian painter Cuco Morales exhibits for the first time in Brussels. His solo exhibition “The soul of the tree / L’âme de l’arbre” can be visited during the month of June at the Brigit Art Gallery on Rue Rollebeek 36 (Sablon)

The official opening will take place on Sunday, June 2, starting at 12 noon with the presence of the artist and the ambassador of Peru. The exhibition has the support of the Embassy of Peru in Belgium that invites attendees during the extraordinary Vernissage Art Brunch to taste some Peruvian specialties.

For meetings with the press and interested people, the artist will be present at the gallery on Saturday, June 1 from 12-14h. You could also arrange meetings with the press and collectors at another time.

In the exhibition “The soul of the tree” the plastic artist José Antonio “Cuco” Morales Velit (1956, Lima / Peru) brings together a series of works in acrylic, silk screen and 10 large panels in gold leaf where the trees are the main protagonists in a display of harmony and color. From robust or thin trunks, the tops of their trees stand majestically in blue, red or gold skies that appropriate the space inviting the viewer to be part of them, completing the picture.

“I paint trees and forests as a way to celebrate life and appreciate its presence in the landscape we contemplate. The tree is this character of silent life that grows generous offering its beauty, its fruits and roots. They are symbols of peace and harmony “, explains Cuco Morales about his most recent works painted especially for exhibition during 2019 in Europe, as recently in Bucharest and at the end of the year, surely also in Spain.

The painting of Cuco Morales reveals a mystical and reflective personality that is reflected in his own language developed over time since he returned to Lima after studying at the Equipe School and at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Already in Peru he entered as a free student at the School of Fine Arts and studied drawing in the workshop of Cristina Gálvez. He begins to link and become part of the artistic group Paréntesis, an experimental group of conceptualist cut, carried to the terms of aesthetic research and communication, also constituted by Juan Javier Salazar, Charo Noriega, Coco Bedoya and Lucy Angulo.

Since his first individual exhibition in the eighties, he stands out in the face of criticism, and has remained current as an artist, revealing in his painting a mystical and reflective personality, also related to an oriental style with a certain influence on Buddhist philosophy.

His speech can vary from his playful characters, to the mysterious depth of his forests and nature.

Cuco has developed his own pictorial language through art and creates a personal and constant dialogue between him and his art.

The exhibition organized by the gallery owner Carolina Toyos in cooperation with Iris Reichel (arcoirisart) at the Brigit Art Gallery, Rue Rollebeek 36 (Sablon), 1000 Bruxelles and can be visited from June 1 to June 30 at the gallery’s opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday from 3pm to 7pm and Sundays from 11am to 7pm.

Admission is free.