Faraco 4

Her characters sometimes approach our ear to whisper a wish, a feeling, a secret or simply with their looks we become complices of their world.

Philippe Brodzki

Philippe Brodzki 5

Philippe Brodzki is formed in sculpture, ceramics and drawing at Brussel, Krakow and Düsseldorf – where he was hosted in the 70’s by Marcel Broodthaers, and where he had a formation at the academy with another great one: Joseph Beuys.

Luis Gonzálvez Lozano

Luis Gonzálvez Lozano 6

Luis Gonzalvez Lozano (Elche, Alicante, 1958) lives in Belgium since 1988 where he has discovered his passion for ceramics. His ceramic sculptures are elaborated with clay from diverse origins.

Valentin Kovatchev

Valentin Kovatchev 7

Artist, curator, professor, editor and gallery owner, has been committed for decades to the creation, editing and promotion of contemporary artists, by participating in art fairs and biennials, as well as in various projects, both on a national and international level.

Elena Gonzalez

Elena Gonzalez 8

Elena grows paradoxes: musical instruments of female sex versus harmonious bodies of women, voluptuous women versus matrons, sad gestures coupled with hopeful expressions, heavy volumes coupled with light forms…

Stéphane Lejeune

Stéphane Lejeune 9

Born and bred Belgian artist Stephane Lejeune has been working and exhibiting in his home country for the past 15 years. A seminal artist, he describes his work as “halfway between realism and pure abstraction. I always search for the ideal boundary that passes the figurative abstraction”.

Halil Faik

Halil Faik 10

The silhouettes are clean, graceful, often slender and elegant lightness, but it also happens that the shapes and contours reach fullness irresistibly inviting to touch and caress.